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Shipping, Refunds, and Store Credit 

To my Swank Family:


First and foremost, I am eternally grateful for the love and support my customers have shown me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and patronage of my business. Swank Candles is just that, a small business–and with any small business, there are considerations my customers should have. 


One: Swank Candles is my small business. While I spend a lot of nights and weekends making, packaging, shipping, and servicing your orders, I am just one person. I can get sick, I can take time off, I can need a mental health day just as you need all of these things in your own job. Taking a day or two off for my physical and mental health is a necessity for the longevity of Swank Candles. While I do everything I can to get your orders made and shipped in a timely manner, please keep in mind that delays in delivery may be a result of these things. Please remember that I am a fulltime, fourth grade teacher with other responsibilities, just as you!


Two: Swank Candles cares about quality. I have certainly lost money scrapping a batch of product because it was not up to my personal standards. Every product you purchase is made with love and passion. Should your order stem from a batch of product that does not meet my highest standards of quality, I spend my own money to remake the product at no additional cost to you. This is to ensure you are as satisfied as possible. My loyal customers can attest that my number one focus is quality! Should your order arrive incorrect or damaged, I will do everything I can to restore your order to its intended quality. Quality products take time!


Three: Swank Candles is committed to personalized service. Some of my products are made specifically for you–this includes shirts and cups. Should your order contain a personalized product, Swank Candles will not provide a refund. Refunds or store credit will only be issued if a product is not as expected or damaged. Please refer below to our full terms and conditions policy. 


Four: Swank Candles calculates all shipping and handling charges using the USPS Estimated Shipping Costs Calculator. The shipping of large, fragile orders long distances may result in heightened shipping costs for you. I do my best to pack and ship orders in the most efficient way possible. This includes being environmentally and economically conscious–multiple orders may result in a delay as I will pack and ship separate items together. 


Thank you for your continued love and support, 


Jacob Boone, Swank Candles



  1. Refunds will not be issued on any personalized orders, t-shirts, or cups once they are made. If an error is made when ordering these products, please contact Swank Candles within 12 hours of purchase. 

  2. If a product needs to be returned, the customer will be responsible for return shipping charges. This does not include shipping errors made by Swank Candles. 

  3. If an order is returned undeliverable for any reason, the customer is responsible for additional shipping costs. This does not include returned products deemed undeliverable based on an error made by Swank Candles. Please make sure you verify your shipping information prior to submitting! 

  4. If you have incorrectly submitted any orders or information relevant to the shipping, handling, or creation thereto, please notify Swank Candles as soon as possible. Once a product is made or shipped, returns will not be applicable. 

  5. While not likely, if you find you do not like our product, you will not receive a refund or store credit. This does not include gross negligence in creation or marketing of a product. Swank Candles frequently provides audiovisual descriptions of our products. 

  6. Swank Candles is not responsible for any damage to personal property caused by our products. Please follow all warning labels, practice safe burning, and utilize common sense when using our products. In addition, some Swank Products may contain oils or scents that some customers are allergic to. Please notify Swank Candles prior to your order if you have any allergens relevant in candle or soap production. 


All policies within this memo are accepted at the time of purchase. 

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