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Swank Candles

A Fragrance For Everyone


Since day one, I've been dedicated in using high quality organic materials. I'm proud of my products yet remain committed to performing even better.

Candle Wax Before Melting

At Swank Candles, I want to create the highest quality products. Ones that will keep you coming back to our store time and time again. When creating my candles, I use USA grown soybeans giving me a high-quality soy wax, environmentally friendly fragrance oils, and metal free spun cotton wicks. My soaps are made with quality ingredients which include natural goat milk, and aloe vera. I take pride in all of my products and want to ensure my customers are satisfied with their purchase.


Located in Bridgeport, West Virginia, you can rest assured your favorite new candles are handcrafted locally, using only the highest quality materials available. You can feel good about supporting a small growing business.

" I'm so glad I found Swank Candles. Jacob is so passionate about his product and the candles are made with pure love. This has been the best candle I've ever purchased. Looking forward to trying more. "

Customer Reviews

" I got my first Swank Candle today and I love it so much!! It's a super clean burn, the jar is gorgeous, and the smell is perfect!!! "

" Such awesome candles! The smell is very rich and doesn't fade like most candles. Highly recommend them! "

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